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Demolition services Las Vegas:When Las Vegas Nevada homeowners remodel or expand their home, it’s often necessary to demolish a wall, garage, shed, or other part of the home or outbuildings. People often assume that swinging a jackhammer or renting demolition equipment is easy enough to do.

Unfortunately, they can learn the hard way that demolition is a job best left for the professionals. It can be dangerous work that can result in even more work when not completed properly.

Thankfully, the professionals at Aone Hauling & Bobcat Service Las Vegas  are equipped with the expertise and experience to get your Las Vegas Nevada demolition and/or construction debris removal job done quickly, conveniently, and cost-efficiently.

What Could Go Wrong with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Demolition?

Without the proper certification, experience, and tools, many things might not turn out as planned for homeowners who complete their own demolition projects.

For example, a homeowner who intended to only knock down a wall may have an entire structure collapse and crush him or her under the weight of the debris. It could also cause problems that don’t show up right away such as weakening the structural support of the home that disintegrates slowly over time. Some other potential hazards of DIY home demolition include:

Unintended damage to walls or floors by using equipment improperly or losing balance while using it.

Damage to the plumbing system of the home by not knowing the difference between wet walls and dry walls. Demolishing the wrong wall could cause extensive water damage in addition to plumbing problems.

Electrocution or home fire caused by unintended contact with live wires.

Accidental uncovering of toxic materials such as asbestos and lead paint.

In addition to these hazards, most home demolition projects are much more labor-intensive and costly than the homeowner anticipated. These projects also tend to take longer than expected when completed by someone inexperienced with demolition, leading to frustration due to the inevitable delays needed to fix mistakes.

Types of Projects That Require Demolition and Debris Removal

Many types of home demolition projects create debris that requires removal. However, homeowners should plan to hire an experienced Vegas Area home demolition company to handle these projects in the first place. The following are the most common types of residential demolition that require the assistance of professionals as well as help with clean-up:

  • Removal of carpet and flooring
  • Patio and deck demolition
  • Bathroom demolition
  • Kitchen demolition
  • Demolition and removal of outdoor sheds
  • Yard furniture and outdoor debris
  • Demolition and removal of outdoor playsets
  • Removal of basement remodel debris
  • Removal of cabinets
  • Removal of tile
  • Demolition of walls and removal of debris

Besides removing demolition debris from residential properties, the benefit of working with a professional organization for debris pick-up is that it will go to a recycling center whenever possible. This keeps several hundred or thousands of pounds of demolition debris out of landfills. Unlike many homeowners who may simply throw the debris in the garbage, professional demolition and debris removal companies have several local contacts in the Las Vegas Nevada recycling community. They will work with all contacts to attempt recycling before considering leaving the waste in a landfill.

While DIY might be tempting when it comes to residential demolition, it just isn’t safe for the homeowner or the home itself. Our company is here to ensure a smooth demolition process and easy clean-up.

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